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Welcome to Small Business Blog Network, home of the Small Business Blog Network (SBBN)! We have tried to answer your top three most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the SBBN below. If you still have a question after reading below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why a Small Business Blog Network?

Small Business owners are by their very nature small. This company size has many benefits, including flexibility, less bureaucracy, and greater innovation (as small businesses usually necessitate creativity). On the other hand, being a Small Business  provides restraints: restraints on you, the owner’s time; restraints on your staff’s time; and, restraints on financial and other resources. Enter Ray Sidney-Smith, author, President/Digital Business Strategist at W3 Consulting, and founder and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Blog Network, is a Small Business owner on purpose with purpose. He recognizes that Small Business owners are challenged to handle Social Media as part of their marketing and operations, but time is always a scarce commodity. If you can join a Social Media collective, like blogging with other Small Business owners for your region, you would be able to affect your bottom-line positively for your business with a fraction the effort. That’s how Small Business Blog Network helps you.

What is Small Business Blog Network?

Small Business Blog Network is what we call a “multi-author, multi-site” (MAMS) blogging platform. The blog posts are written by you, many Small Business owners and related business experts, contributing to a local, regional blog which we maintain, including providing technical support and editorial assistance to you, our Small Business owner-authors. It’s free for you to contribute to the blog and you get all the aggregated benefits of increased Web traffic, greater Social media marketing reach, and less work than doing all of your Social Media yourself. Find your nearest SBBN blog, or request us to start one in your area!

How do you get involved on the Small Business Blog Network (or Small Business Podcast Network)?

Small Business owners: As stated above, you can find your nearest SBBN blog, or request us to start one in your area!. A few additional points, if you have a blog that you’re already producing, you can repurpose that content by syndicating them (manually or automatically) through your local Small Business blog as well. If you’re interested in blogging but don’t know where to begin, not to worry. Once you’ve gone to your nearest SBBN blog site and click on “Join” you will be guided to complete a questionnaire, then make an appointment to speak with our Editor-in-Chief and he or she will guide you on where to start.

Small Business economic development partners: If you’re an organization, such as a small business development center, chamber of commerce, economic development authority, convention and visitors bureau, or workforce development center, you have the opportunity to blog on your local SBBN blog and also gain exposure through our free advertising program for nonprofit and governmental agencies that partner with us to grow the blog. Contact us today to see if you apply!

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