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As we are trying to define the areas we start with the blog network, we’ve chosen for our new blogs launching to make Virginia (Alexandria City (which has been running in alpha testing for three years), Arlington, Lord Fairfax, and Loudoun counties) a focal point with a few others (New York City, Moab UT, and so on) because of partner organizations interested in early adoption. We will be  bringing all these blogs online in short success in the new year in beta testing.

We can’t expect every blog to be a smashing success, so we’ll be watching them closely for the first six months from launch and if it continues to grow and do well, we’ll move those blogs out of beta testing and continue full steam ahead. For those blogs that suffer, we’ll discuss that with our stakeholders (most importantly, our beta test Small BusinesLord Fairfax Small Business - Logos bloggers) and decide what changes can be made to improve the blog over the following six months. If we still don’t meet our internal metrics for growth, then we’ll make those blogs go dormant and focus our resources on morphing that Web property into something else more useful for that local community. At the end of the day, our primary goal is to make sure that local Small Business communities benefit from our and their efforts!

New Podcasts

After lots of discussions, we’ve decided that not to do a Small Business Podcast Network main podcast right away. It makes a lot of sense for the blog/network but not right now. When we do launch one, we’ll be able to
cover many Small Business-focused topics across the country and feature our Small Business bloggers and podcasters on occasion. This seems like a win-win for the network and the bloggers we SmallBizBurgh Logowill be supporting. Right now, though, we have to work on the growth of our individual member blogs first before we start promoting the blog network itself.

But, at long last, W3 Consulting is launching its new podcast, Web and Beyond Podcast, which will discuss marketing and management on the Web and beyond. As well, we are launching our first network-member podcast, Arlington Small Business Podcast! Yours truly will be hosting both podcasts. On Web and Beyond Podcast, I will be assembling topical panel discussions, stitching together stories and case studies that matter to Small Business, and interviewing Small Business owners and industry experts to bring you the information most important to you for marketing in the Digital Age. On Arlington Small Business Podcast, as an extension of Arlington, Virginia Small Business blog, we will be focusing on business issues that impact Arlingtonians. I’m thoroughly excited to get both started and we will surely get the word out to you once they’re both launched!